In two days I will be having my first solo exhibition, least to say that I am extremely excited. I will present my series DEHUMANIZED, which I made in 2013.  

After weeks of research on what makes us human, I was very intrigued by the concept of "Post-Human". I decided to shoot a series in the studio, using as inspiration color blocking. I hand-painted sections of my model's bodies as representation of non-realistic human parts. After post production, I combined my work with quotes found during my researches related to my statement and decided to call my project DEHUMANIZED.

The Exhibition opening will be held on Thursday, the 19th at MITTE in Sheung Wan. 

Show dates May 19th - June 22nd 2016.

We live in a world that is considered "Post-Human": human bodies have prosthetic limbs, immune system "re-programmers" in the forms of drugs, artificial hearts, titanium bones, and a whole host of inserts and implants. And those of us living in more affluent societies can hardly imagine living without e-mail and cell phones, i-podes and television, cars and airplanes, and so forth. However, our biotechnological enhancement and convergence with machine is happening much faster and more completely than we perhaps realize. We are all converging with machines. 

To what extent a person is considered a human?