2018 The Impression Magazine 2018 fashion calendar
Bespoke Futurism
Publication: The Impression

2017 Spring workshop
Galleries should be more like nightclub's bathrooms, 2017
Installation, 3D printing and toys
Bathroom intervention
Spring workshop, Hong Kong

2017 Amnesty International Bookstore: Every freedom needs a fighter
On Solitude: artworks, 2017
Hong Kong
Photos: Work
Press: Campaign Brief AsiaCreative Blog

2016 Slideluck Hong Kong
are you 1 or 0?, 2016
Video series
White Cube, Hong Kong
Photos: Slideluck Hong Kong

2016 This is Not an Art Show
Expectation Kills Art, 2016
Photography and video installation
LIGHTSTAGE Arts and Events, Hong Kong
Photos: NOT
Press: Fluoro digital

2016 ART-IT by Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA) Foundation
Artist talk
Identities, 2013-2016
Mixed media, a collaboration with my subjects
Bibo, Hong Kong
Press: SCARCITY magazine

2016 292 SFA Graduates' Showcase - Light On Surface
Expectation Kills Art, 2016
Photography and video installation
Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2016 Dehumanized
First solo exhibition
Dehumanized, 2015
MITTE, Hong Kong

2016 Light on Surface
Expectation Kills Art, 2016
292 SFA Graduates' showcase
Visual Art Center, Hong Kong
Photos: 292 SFA Graduates' showcase

2014 Open Studio
Portrait from the series The Body Says What Words Can't
Untitled #1, Untitled #7 from the series Eva Contro Eva
Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Hong Kong